Wrapping up the course and individual assignment


Individual projects (including an obligatory declaration of integrity)

You can find here the declaration of integrity and the template for the action plan/individual project. Please fill them in and send them both with one email to mooc@ecyc.org, by 22nd of June 2019 the latest.

Individual asignment MOOC – action plans

Individual declaration of participation

To successfully complete the course, and to receive a certificate of participation, participants must make sure to have turned in all of the following quizzes and documents, at any time but no later than the 22nd of June 2019:

  • the quiz from the second session – 10th of April
  • the quiz from the sixth session – 8th of May
  • the individual assignment (action plan) contained in the last session – 22nd of May
  • and the declaration of participation contained in the last session – 22nd of May.


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