1. Hello, just something that came to my mind… I think that this reflective exercise would be more interesting after the next sessions because we are going to study them deeper. For some (most) of the participants to this MOOC, the Recommendation is totally new. Some of them just read it, some of them (lucky ones) have an initiation in Strasbourg one month ago. So the fact of asking us what our thoughts about this document are, our discoveries… comes maybe too early on this MOOC. For me an interesting way to present us the exercise would be “Before going deeper on the document, what are your thoughts? What do you expect from this document?” and the later on the MOOC to ask us to compare our first reflective exercise to another with deeper knowledge.

    1. Hi Ana,
      Thank you for your question! After Module 3 we would like participants to give their fresh perspective on the Recommendation after reading the main document and also going through the Memorandum. Of course, a different, more in-depth response could be given further down the learning path, and an even more complete one yet, after graduating the course and completing the individual assignment. But here we are looking for a reflective practice marking the beginning of the understanding process. It is not about giving the “correct”, complete answer.

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